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At Withernsea High School we have a dedicated careers programme that caters for students in all years. As you progress through the school, we will focus on different areas of your career journey in order to support you in making the right choices. 

In Years 7 and 8 you will be introduced to careers through school trips and events, plus discussions in structured lessons.

In Year 9 you will focus on what subjects you would like to study in Key Stage 4 as part of the Pathways process.

In Years 10 and 11, the emphasis on Careers Information, Advice and Guidance is brought to the forefront at a pivotal moment in your education.

Key Stage 4 is an important time - not only because of GCSE examinations but also because of the decisions that need to be made about what to do after Year 11.

Government legislation now states that young people up to the age of 18 MUST stay in some form of education, whether it be at college; in an apprenticeship or in employment with training.

To help you decide the best route, you will be offered taster sessions at local colleges and given opportunities to meet representatives from further and higher education providers; apprenticeship providers; business leaders and prospective employers - all of who will be on-hand to help you make informed decisions. 

Withernsea High School has strong links with all of the above and we aim to provide a comprehensive and impartial careers programme which offers you access to the people and resources that are best placed to support you.

In addition, you will also benefit from regular one-on-one careers interviews where you can discuss any concerns or queries you may have.


The Careers Base 

The school has its own dedicated Careers Base located in the P2 classroom. Students can book into this facility for use on a lunchtime where they can access careers guidance, college and apprenticeship information. 

Parents are invited to attend CEAIG appointments for students in Years 10 and 11. 

The Humber Outreach Programme

This year, we will be working with the Humber Outreach Programme (HOP) to enhance the careers provision already offered by Withernsea High School.

HOP will help further develop links with Higher Education providers as well as support CEIAG activities within the school.

For further information on HOP, please see the following link: https://hop-humber.co.uk 


Careers Documents and Policies

 Careers Programme Information 2023-2024.pdfDownload
 CEIAG and Provider Access Policy - Amendment.pdfDownload
 CEIAG and Provider Access Policy.pdfDownload
 Gatsby Benchmarks at Withernsea High School.pdfDownload
 Safeguarding in Education - Strategic Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy.pdfDownload
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