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Uniform will be checked daily by the Head of Year and form tutors. If a student does not follow the school dress code this will be recorded on Class Charts and parents/carers will be informed.

Pastoral staff will work with individual students to establish the reason for uniform issues and how these can be resolved as soon as possible.

If a parent/carer has a short-term difficulty with uniform then this should be communicated to the school


Basic Uniform Requirements 

  • PLAIN black blazer bearing the school logo
    This must be worn at all times unless the weather is particularly warm and the ‘blazers may be carried’ sign is displayed.

  • PLAIN black trousers
    Formal, classic, smart trousers of waist height with side pockets. Not skin-tight and not jeans/denim/cargo/chino style or leggings. 

  • PLAIN white shirt with a collar
    Polo shirts and other tops are not acceptable. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

  • School tie
    Ties can be purchased from the school office or from the school’s uniform provider.

  • PLAIN black shoes or ankle boots with a flat heel that can be polished
    Footwear must be a full shoe that can be polished, not sandals, plimsolls or mules. Suede, canvas and other materials that cannot be polished are not permitted. If wearing ankle boots, trousers must be worn over the top of the boots.

  • A black Withernsea High School V-neck jumper
    A V-neck jumper bearing the school logo is available. This is an optional item of our school uniform. Jumpers must be worn with the school blazer, not instead of. No other black jumper is permitted.

  • Coat
    Students are encouraged to bring a coat, to be worn outside at break and lunchtime. Coats are not allowed to be worn in the school building.




PE and Dance Uniform 

For reasons of health and safety all students are required to bring a full change of sporting clothing for PE and dance lessons. Students should have the following:

  • Navy blue sports top with school logo

  • Navy blue shorts with school logo OR plain navy blue tracksuit trousers OR plain navy blue leggings.

  • Appropriate footwear for the activity (i.e. boots for outdoors and clean trainers for indoor events)

  • Shin pads should be worn for football, hockey and rugby

  • Additional clothing available for PE, but not compulsory, includes a navy blue drill top with school logo (long-sleeved) and navy blue fleece with school logo. PE lessons will be outside all year round so it is strongly advised that you purchase one of these items.


Uniform Supplier 

Our official supplier of uniform items, including school-branded blazers and PE kit, is Steady School and Sportswear.

Steady School and Sportswear
29 Holderness Road
HU8 7NA 


01482 322982



The most basic equipment we ask that students bring on a daily basis is:

  • Pens (blue or black)
  • Pencils
  • Ruler
  • Student Handbook
  • Highlighter

Please note: 

  • Students are responsible for their own equipment 

  • They can use reward points to purchase equipment from the reward shop

  • If students forget their equipment, they can ask to borrow some from their tutor. However, lends are not guaranteed and any instances of forgotten equipment will be logged

  • If students continually don't have equipment, parents/carers will be contacted. 

  • Should a student lose or damage their Student Handbook, replacements are available to purchase through ParentPay for £3.00. 
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