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WHS Class of 2024 Year 11 Prom

9 July 2024 (by admin)

Year 11 students at Withernsea High School celebrated the end of their high school years in style as they dressed to impress for the annual leavers’ Prom.

The event is a firm favourite in the school’s events calendar – offering a final opportunity for the year group to socialise en-masse before going their separate ways into further education, training or employment.

Following a successful move there in 2023, this year’s event took place at Hull’s MKM stadium where over 100 students and approximately 30 teaching and non-teaching staff enjoyed a memorable evening.

The school’s rewards system once again proved to be an effective incentive by helping a large proportion of students to receive money off their Prom tickets. This was achieved by the collection of ‘Prom Points’ throughout the year, earned through positive behaviour, hard work and meeting expectations, with accumulated points being used to unlock discounts.

Charles Little, event co-organiser and Year 11 Tutor Lead, said: “It was an absolutely brilliant night and the students were immaculately turned out. Following their launch in 2023, this year saw the return of our Prom night ‘Lighthouse Awards’ – a group of both fun and meaningful awards, voted for by the staff of the school, and awarded to students in recognition of notable achievements, or what we anticipate their future will hold. Among them were ‘the student most likely to be Prime Minister’, ‘the student most likely to headline Glastonbury’, and ‘the person most likely to be abducted by aliens and returned not wanted!’

“It was an absolute joy to watch our students’ reactions – it was almost like the excitement of their first day at school all over again! We were also delighted by the support received by parents and carers who added to the evening by sharing photos of their children from their primary school days – which brought a touch of humour and nostalgia to the event.

“I would like to thank Nicola Makey who helped co-organise this year’s event, Diane Bosman and Cheryl Patrick for their help in compiling the gift bags for students, and everyone else who contributed to the success of the event. We have already launched next year’s Prom preparations with our current Year 10s and have been delighted to have assembled a team of student volunteers who are sure to help make next year’s event another night to remember.”

Mark Crofts, Headteacher, added: “As always, our Year 11 Prom provided a chance for our recently left students to spend time with each other and see the staff who have supported and cared for them for the last five years. It delivered an opportunity to acknowledge the journey they have been on and celebrate their many successes. 

“This year’s cohort were a big year group, comprising lots of great groups of friends who are clearly supportive and continually there for each other. The camaraderie really shone through and it was a pleasure to see this evidenced on the night.

“There was a fun and friendly atmosphere throughout the event, and it was clear from the feedback we received that it’s a night that they will remember for a long time to come. The students were a credit to themselves and to the school.”

“I am sure that our Year 11 students have ended their high school years with more confidence in their abilities, greater resilience, and are better equipped to cope with difficulties. We hope their eyes have been opened to the possibilities of what they can achieve in life. My wish for them all, whatever path they take from here, is that they seek out all the possibilities that life offers and have the confidence to make brave and exciting choices. This is the end of one phase, but it is also the beginning of a new and exciting chapter. Good luck and best wishes to them all.”

On Prom night itself, and in keeping with tradition, many students first gathered at the school to pose for photographs with friends and family before making their way to the event in a variety of hired vehicles. Local photographer, Terry Bearpark, was on-hand to capture the crowds before they made their way to the venue. 

PHOTO CREDIT: All photos courtesy of Terry Bearpark

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