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Compassion and creativity shared through Christmas tree decorations

19 December 2023 (by admin)

Compassion and creativity have combined to form the basis of this year’s Christmas tree decorations at Withernsea High School.

A collaboration between the school’s Design Technology and Personal Development departments has resulted in the creation of a number of handmade decorations that celebrate students’ skills in DT, with others promoting important sources of help for anyone struggling with their mental health and well-being during the festive season.

 Andrea Monaghan, Head of Personal Development, said: “Year 10 Personal Development students reflected on how Christmas can be a challenging time for some people, especially those suffering with mental health problems, so created decorations featuring the phone numbers of essential helplines for anyone in need of support.

 “Leading on from the decoration of the school’s tree, we’re proud to be involved with the Christmas Tree Festival at St Nicholas’ Church where similar decorations feature as part of the school’s contribution. These will help signpost members of the community to essential sources of support this Christmas, while also giving us an opportunity to showcase our students’ impressive creative skills to a wider audience.”

 From dehydrated fruit garlands made in Food lessons, to computer designed and laser-cut creations made from plywood in DT, Year 10 students once again led the way across all disciplines of Design Technology. The cohort’s Engineering students created their designs using sheet aluminium, with hammering and stamp techniques employed to create pattern and texture.

 Head of faculty, Amy Norris, said: “All students were working to a given deadline and had to produce a design that was appropriate for displaying both in school and in the community. It was the perfect opportunity for us to run a mini ‘design and make’ activity for the students to practise for bigger projects as they progress through their GCSE courses.

“Students were given free rein with their designs and delivered some excellent results. The trees look very festive and showcase lots of hard work by our students.”


ABOVE: The school’s tree, located in the Forum, features dehydrated fruit garlands, handmade decorations and avenues of support for those in need. 


ABOVE: Engineering students created their designs using sheet aluminium. 


ABOVE: Personal Development students decorated the tree with helplines, including Childline. 

ABOVE: DT students used 2D design software and a laser cutter to help produce their decorations. 



ABOVE: The students produced a variety of festive designs that adorn the school's tree. 

ABOVE: Andrea Monaghan, Head of Personal Development, and Amy Norris, Head of DT, decorate a tree at St Nicholas' Church as part of their Christmas Tree Festival.  

ABOVE: The school’s contribution featured a combination of handmade designs from students, plus messages of support for the community this Christmas. 

BELOW: Year 10 Engineering students were busy in the workshop creating their designs. 


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