This page has been created to support you and your continued learning throughout the duration of any school closure.

Below, you will find useful information on how to access the Student Shared Area and other online learning platforms from home.

Each subject area has also provided links, resources and tasks to ensure you have everything you need to continue learning.


Moodle (access to the Student Shared Area)

A number of subjects have set work in folders on the Student Shared Area. This can be accessed through Moodle.

Log in here:

You will need to log in using the same username and password that you use to log on to the computers in school. 

If you have forgotten your password, or you have any problems logging in, please contact Mr R Hardy (Network Manager) at


SAM Learning

All students should now be registered on the SAM Learning platform. If you are not registered, or you have trouble accessing your account, please email either Mr Wardman or Mrs Bacon for assistance.

Log in to SAM Learning here:

You will be asked for the Centre ID, User ID and Password. 

Our Centre ID is: HU1WH

Username: ddmmyyii (date of birth and initials)

Example: If your name is Fred Bloggs and you were born on the 24th February 2007, then your username would be 240207fb

Password: This will be the same as your username.

Please click here to view/download a full SAM Learning user guide. This will explain how and where to access your lessons / tasks.

English, Film Studies and Drama

Home Learning booklets for every year group can be found on the Student Shared Area (accessed through Moodle).

Student Shared Area -- English -- Home Learning

There is a table with instructions for what text and task to complete each week at the start of each booklet.

Your English teacher will email you every week with what text you are to work on. Please check your emails regularly.



All students should use Hegarty Maths to access their work.

To log on, you need to go to the Hegarty Maths website and enter the following information:
Institution: Withernsea High School

First name: e.g. Fred

Last name: e.g. Bloggs

Date of birth: e.g. 11 – March - 2007

Password: Hegarty (if you have changed and forgotten this you will need to email your teacher and ask for a reset.)

Any tasks that have been assigned will appear in a to-do box, you can attempt these as many times as you wish. 

You can also search for topics that you are currently studying using the search tool.

If you have any problems logging on, or require any assistance, please email me at with your name and the name of your Maths teacher and I will get back to you ASAP.

Mr Hedjazi
Head of Maths faculty.



Each week we will set new work on SAM Learning for all Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 classes.

This will consist of one task which explains the weeks' topic and provides a series of links/activities to be completed. There will also be additional tasks set which aim to check your understanding of the key points. The tasks that are set on SAM Learning are what we expect you to complete each week.

If you finish this and would like some additional work, we would suggest using the BBC Bitesize daily lessons found here:

In addition, you can search on Sam Learning, Doddle Science or the Seneca websites to study any Science topics you wish.  




Please check your school email account regularly as your teachers will use this to communicate with you.


Year 7: Mrs Hunter will set a fortnightly project on SAM Learning. 

If you have any questions, you can email her at:

Year 8: Students in Year 8 will also be set a fortnightly project on SAM Learning, but only students who are doing Geography as a GCSE should complete these tasks.

Mrs Hunter will be setting the work and if you have any questions, you can email her at:

Year 9: Miss Griffiths will email all Year 9 students with their work each week. Students should also check SAM Learning.

If you have any questions, please email:

Year 10: Ms Harris will email all Year 10 students with their work each week. Students will also be set 2 SAM Learning tasks per week.

Coastal management fieldwork live: Guidance, pre-learning and task for the day. The fieldwork is live on Wednesday 29th April.



Year 7: Check SAM Learning for tasks each week. Mr Bell may also email additional work so check your school emails.

Any problems, please email:


Year 8: Check SAM Learning for tasks each week. Mr Bedson may also email additional work so check your school emails.

Any problems, please email:


Year 9: Continue with the Crime and Punishment booklet (please click here to view/download) in addition to the tasks on SAM Learning.

Any problems, please email:


Year 10: Your teacher will email work each week and may also set tasks to complete on SAM Learning. Please send work to them to check regularly.

Email addresses: and





French - all years

SAM Learning

Lessons for students in all years will be set on SAM Learning.

Log in here:

Please refer to the user guide further up this page for help with logging on and accessing the tasks that have been set.


Students should log in to Linguascope to complete tasks and activities.

Log in here:

Moodle - Student Shared Area

The Student Shared Area contains a number of folders with work set for students all years.

To access the Shared Area, log in via Moodle here:

The REMOTE WORK folders for each year group can be found in the following location:  

STUDENT SHARED     /        MFL               

French - Key Stage 4 Only 




Sport and Performing Arts, Digital IT and Enterprise

All documents, resources, information and lessons for Computer Science, Dance, Digital IT, Enterprise, Music, PE and Sports Science can be found in the following location:

Student Shared Area   /   Sport & the Arts /   SCHOOL CLOSURE




Art, Design and Technology

A number of activities have been made available for you to do at home.

For all students of Art, Engineering, Hair and Beauty, Design Technology and Food you will find a range of supporting work for each subject within the DT folder on the Student Shared Area (accessible via Moodle). 

Looking there, you will find work provided by subject and year group. You will also find a more general list of websites where you can select your subject and work more broadly should you wish to do so.

Your teachers will add to these resources as time moves on so keep checking back.

All documents, resources, information and lessons can be found in the following location:

Student Shared Area   /   DT   /   1Working from Home





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