Do you want to investigate the limits of space, the beginning of time and everything in between? Perhaps you want to understand how the technology around you works? Maybe you have a desire to help people when they are ill or you want to save the planet? 

A-Level Physics takes you into the heart of what is widely regarded as the most fundamental of all sciences. Physics is a wide ranging subject that can see you grasping the scope of massive galaxies or probing the tiniest component particles of atoms. Physics is the study of how everything works and the basic rules of the universe. It is one of the most useful courses to study and leads to a huge range of career opportunities.

Physics AS/A-Level is one of the most sought after qualifications for entry into Higher Education in any field, especially for courses in the sciences, any branch of Engineering and Medicine. Physics is also highly regarded by employers, who recognise that it helps to develop students' numeracy and their analytical expertise. A-Level physics is a natural progression from GCSE science and many of the topics that you have studied at GCSE will be examined at greater depth. At AS/A2 we follow the AQA specification A course. 


What will I learn?

Compulsory modules

Students will follow the AQA Physics A Specification. This comprises of compulsory modules with an additional optional module. The compulsory modules are as follows:

Measurements and their errors

Particles and radiation


Mechanics and materials


Further mechanics and thermal physics

Fields and their consequences

Nuclear physics


Optional modules
The optional modules are as follows:


 Medical physics

 Engineering physics

 Turning points in physics


Next step: University and careers

Physics is useful for a huge range of careers, including: Engineering, Finance, Archaeology, Medicine, Environment, Forensics, Sports Science, Architecture, Media, Journalism, Military, Communications, Astronomy, Aeronautics, Law, Nanotechnology, Geophysics, Transport, Research, SETI, Teaching and many more.

Physics keeps doors open. For more information about careers in physics please visit the following websites: