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Key Stage 3
Years 7 and 8

Key Stage 4
Years 9, 10 and 11

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Faculty Progress Leader

Mrs S Harris




Religious Studies is a subject for the curious: for those people who always ask ‘Why?’; those who are not content to just accept things at face value, but enjoy digging deeper, beyond the stereotype or the preconceived idea, to reach the heart of a topic. 


Useful for careers in…

Social work, Teaching, The emergency
services, The armed forces, Medicine, Caring, Social action, Community
development, Politics...

In Religious Studies, students develop skills such as analysis, critical thinking, debate and argument, as well as empathy and respect.

They build a solid foundation of religious literacy (understanding the key teachings of all the major world religions), and use this to engage in thoughtful debate and reflection.

They are taught how to construct strong arguments.


What will I learn?

Years 9, 10 and 11

Students study the key beliefs and practices of Christianity and the other major world religions. They apply this knowledge when exploring religious, philosophical and ethical studies in topics including:

This explores religious perspectives on marriage, divorce, family and same sex relationships.

Life and Death
We consider the questions, arguments and opinions around topics such as life after death, euthanasia and abortion.

Good and Evil
We address the problem of evil and suffering, ask where we get our sense of right and wrong from, and debate issues.

Human Rights
We compare religious and non-religious teachings on human rights, and reflect on the value of human life.