The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new, European-wide law that replaces the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998 in the UK.

Withernsea High School are committed to ensuring the safety of the data we hold, and of demonstrating our compliance with the new regulations.

To find out more about this, please click the links below to view/download relevant information.

1) - Main Data Protection Policy

2) - Privacy Notice (Staff)

3) - Privacy Notice (Pupils)

4) - Privacy Notice (LAC)

5) - Subject Access Request (SAR) Form

6) - Information for Parents/Carers

Hard copies of the above information are also available from the school.

Sarah Evans is the Data Protection Officer, her role is to oversee and monitor the school’s data protection procedures, and to ensure the school is compliant with data protection regulation.

The data protection officer can be contacted on 01964 613133 or

Improvement Plan

New version coming soon (December 2017)


Post-16 additional Action Plan

2017-18 (Version 9)


Health and Safety Guidance

Planned routes for gritting during winter weather.

Gritting Plan


At Withernsea High School, we do our best to provide strong guidelines and procedures for how certain situations should be handled to create a consistent approach. This helps ensure that both parents/carers and students are fully aware of what to expect from us and what we expect from them. We have listed the key policies below for your information.

Withernsea High School is committed to considering Equality, Child Protection and other Safeguarding matters when undertaking policy development and review within the school.

If the policy you require is not available here or if you want to know more about our procedures, please email or contact the school (01964) 613133.

Absence from school for exceptional circumstances

1) - Main policy
2) - Procedures
3) - Information for parents 
4) - Frequently asked questions
5) - Cover report for school governors
6) - Decision making flow chart
7) - Request form
8) - Referral form
9) - Code of conduct for education penalty notices



1) - Main policy



We follow the local authority's policy and procedure with regards to admissions at Withernsea High School.

Please click here to visit East Riding of Yorkshire Council's school admissions page. Their page provides a comprehensive guide to the admissions process, answering questions such as:

• How do I apply for a school place for my child?
• How do I make an application for a school place?
• How do I contact the school's admissions teams?

Associated documents:

1) - Admission arrangements, co-ordinated schemes and protocols for school admissions 2016 - 2017.
Official document sourced from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council's website.

2) - Proposed admission arrangements, co-ordinated schemes and protocols for school admissions 2017 - 2018.
Official document sourced from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council's website.



1) - Main policy

Attendance and Punctuality

1) - Main policy  


1) - Main policy


Careers Information, Education, Advice and Guidance 

1) - Main policy


Charging and remission

1) - Main policy 

Child Protection and Safeguarding

1) - Main policy




1) - Main policy



1) - Main policy


Data Protection

1) - Main policy


1) - Main policy


Equality in Employment

1) - Main policy


E-Safety and Acceptable Use Policy

1) - Main policy


Financial management

1) - Main policy


Health and safety

1) - Main policy



1) - Main policy
2) - Homework overview by subject and key stage



1) - Main policy



Mobile Phone

 1) - Main policy

Multi-cultural and anti-racist

1) - Main policy


No smoking

1) - Main policy


PREVENT (Policy for the prevention of extremism and radicalisation)

1) - Main policy

Related external website:  
A Government website aimed at parents, teachers and school leaders to give practical advice on protecting young people from extremism and radicalisation


Pupil premium

The Pupil Premium was set up in April 2011 and is an additional funding system for schools. It is designed to support disadvantaged students and narrow the achievement gap between them and their peers.

1) - 2015 - 2016 analysis

2) - 2016 - 2017 information

Further reading - Excellence for all: Using the Pupil Premium 2016 - 2017

Please see our dedicated Pupil Premium page for further information.


SEN policy

Please click the link below to view / download a full report on how Withernsea High School addresses the needs of learners who require additional support

SEN Information Report

Local Offer Education Provider




Student dress code

1) - Main policy


Student acceptable use policy (Network, Internet and Email)

1) - Main policy


Teaching and learning

1) - Main policy


Whistle blowing

Please refer to the information contained within the Financial Management Policy.