Isolation Icons - The Final Result

With an extended deadline, and one final push over the Easter Holidays, a further 905.39km of exercise was logged by staff and students taking part in the Isolation Icons challenge.

Whilst this impressive effort was enough to comfortably reach the penultimate destination of St Petersburg, it was sadly 1178.23km short of the 4963km required to reach the final target of Baku in Azerbaijan. 

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Start of term - Tuesday, 13th April

Start of term

Students return to school on Tuesday, 13th April at the normal starting time.

Please ensure that your child has the equipment they require and a school bag every day.

Covid testing

A reminder that students should test every Monday and Thursday, including during school holidays and on training days

Please upload all results (positive, negative or void) to NHS Test and Trace and email the school at 

More testing kits for the weeks ahead will be distributed on students' return to school. 

Click here for further information about self-testing, including answers to frequently asked questions.

Note: During term time, tests should ideally be completed before school on Monday and Thursday mornings - or the nights before if this is not possible.



NCS (National Citizen Services) Programme

The NCS programme offers Year 11 students a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something meaningful with their summer break, as well as a chance for them to develop skills and take on new challenges that will set them up for adult life. They'll also do something good for their local community, carrying out a project to support a cause they care about.

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