January 2021

Legends of Lockdown: Withernsea High School students encouraged to stay active

In an effort to combat the increased amount of screen-time that has inevitably arisen due to Remote Learning, Withernsea High School’s PE team have set their sights on inspiring students to stay active offline, as well as online.

The team have recently launched ‘Lockdown Legends’ – a challenge that encourages students to participate in regular exercise by asking them to keep a record of the distances covered in their walks, runs and cycles, which are then submitted to their teachers on a weekly basis.

Along with accompanying times and proof of completion, including photographs and screenshots taken from activity-monitoring apps, the information is used to compile a weekly leader board to monitor progress and inspire competition.

After the first week of the challenge, Year 10 students narrowly beat Year 7 to the top spot with an impressive 63.54km (39.4 miles) covered by their individual exercise efforts.

However, it is not just the students who are competing against each other as staff are also being encouraged to take part. Last week, participating staff members managed a collective distance of 170.43km (105.9 miles) between them – a valiant effort which unfortunately couldn’t compete with the collective might of the student body, who edged ahead with a combined total of 183.14km (113.8 miles) recorded.

Commenting on the importance of the school community keeping active, Teacher of PE and Second in Faculty, Mrs Hughes, said: ‘With the increased amount of time we are all spending in front of our screens at the moment, never has it been more important for us to make time to step away and stay active. The benefits of exercise, both mentally and physically, should not be underestimated and we are delighted that our Lockdown Legends challenge has been so positively received by our school community.

It is something that we are encouraging students to participate in, both in their own time and as part of their timetabled PE lessons. In this context, the challenge works alongside suggested additional activities such as dance, yoga and workouts inspired by ‘The Body Coach’ Joe Wicks, to offer our students a varied mix of activities that can be completed within the confines of national restrictions.

As momentum of the Lockdown Legends challenge continues to build, we anticipate the fantastic results seen so far will culminate in some impressive statistics at the end of the contest.’

As well as logging collective efforts, the challenge also aims to recognise individual achievements with prizes set to be awarded for the largest individual total mileage, the longest run and the fastest 5k run when the challenge ends at half term.

Don't forget to check the school website at the start of each work to see the latest scores! 

Week 1 Results

Lockdown Legends Leader Board
Monday 11th to Friday 15th January  





Year 10



Year 7



Year 11



Year 8



Year 9 


Notable Performances 

Longest Run 

Darcy (Year 11) - 11.45km

Fastest 5k 

Mr Beattie - 23:39

Furthest Individual Total 


Mr Mountain - 39.8km

Darcy (Year 11) - 36.12km

Dr Finer - 33km

Furthest Individual Total (Bike) 

Ben C (Year 10) - 20.6km


Week 1 - Image Gallery