January 2020

Year 7 homework cell-ebrated in Science!

As part of their recent studies in Science, Year 7 students were set a creative homework task to demonstrate their learning of plant and animal cells.

Tasked with building physical models, the students impressed the Science faculty with their in-depth knowledge and detailed designs made out of a wide range of materials.

This particular homework task has become a firm favourite of both staff and students in recent years, consistently delivering stunning results and allowing the school’s youngest students to express themselves in a fun and practical way.   

Sarah Britchford, Deputy Head of Science, commented: ‘Members of the Science faculty have once again been blown away by the level of effort and research that our Year 7 students have shown through taking part in our Model Cell homework.

We have seen many original design ideas, including models made out of fabric, wood and cakes!

All of the participants deserve praise as their level of detail showed that they had independently researched the key terms needed to ensure their models were as accurate as possible.’
Staff from across the Science Faculty were given the difficult task of choosing their favourite models, culminating in a short list winning designs from around a dozen students. These are recognised below, along with brief comments from the teachers, and are accompanied by a selection of images.


Student Nominated by Reason

Summer Reid

Mrs Britchford and Miss East

A specialised cell - Sperm cell. Amazing colours, research and effort. A real artefact to keep.

Jada Monlouis

Mrs Britchford and Miss Rix

A plant cell that was made of sweets and cake. Amazingly researched and full of scientific information.

Phallon Green

Miss Grayson

Excellent 3D polystyrene ball design of an animal cell with detailed organelles.

Myles Binns

Miss Rix

A distinctive bright orange fabric design with detailed organelles.

Robbie Leckonby

Miss Turner and Miss Grayson

A detailed plant cell with an eye-catching design.

Georgia Hickey

Miss Turner

A paper 3D designed animal cell with excellent research.

Emily Medcalf

Dr Finer

A really special effort with an excellent 3D cardboard cutout design.

Chloe Armitage

Dr Finer

A detailed and well-researched design.

Maverick Fletcher

Mrs Mackenzie

Fantastic use of colour on the sponge cake and well-labelled.

Sophie Stephenson

Mrs Mackenzie

An original 3D design with accurate labelling.

Ella Richards

Mr Dyke

A fantastic idea of using buns as organelles inside a box plant cell. Really good labelling.


ABOVE: Sarah Britchford, Deputy Head of Science, with some of the students who were awarded certificates for their excellent homework.

BELOW: A selection of images highlighting the detail and quality of work.