April 2019

Hard-boiled Humanities

In celebration of Easter, the Humanities Faculty recently resurrected their popular ‘Hard-boiled Challenge’ – a competition for students to decorate hard-boiled eggs and place them in a themed setting.

This year, the challenge offered students an opportunity to design an egg using the theme of ‘One Planet’. Some entries encompassed the place of planet Earth in the solar system while others focussed on the possible future of the planet. Meanwhile, a more down-to-earth idea considered geology - with crystals grown on egg shells.

Commenting with an inevitable stream off egg-related puns, competition organiser and Teacher of Humanities Julia Brown said: ‘This year’s colourful and varied designs were just egg-xcellent. We had a cracking time judging them and there were no bad eggs in this bunch! All entrants will be heading home with an egg-stra Easter egg for their efforts. Well done and thank you to them all.’


Harry Thompson
Abigail Little
Darcy Robinson
Cameryn Eley
Holly Richardson
Libby McLean
Runners Up

Lydia Calow
Janey Evison
Olivia Bairstow

ABOVE: All the participants of this year's challenge, with organiser Miss Brown.

ABOVE AND BELOW: Harry Thompson and his geology inspired winning design. The judges were impressed by Harry's use of LED lights within his creation to illuminate the crystals grown on egg shells.

ABOVE: Abigail Little's winning design.

ABOVE: The winning design of Darcy Robinson, Cameryn Eley, Holly Richardson and Libby Mclean.