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Student council meetings take place monthly.

Please click on a date below to view the issues raised and discussed by council members at each meeting:

May 2017

March 2017

January 2017

November 2016

Student Council

Our school council provides a voice for our entire student body. Each year group, from year 7 through to the sixth form, is represented by a number of nominated students who attend monthly meetings with Mr Williman.

These meetings provide a great opportunity for students to share the ideas, thoughts and concerns of the student body directly with the headteacher and other members of the school’s management team.

A full list of our current student council representatives can be found below. If you have an issue that you would like raising at a council meeting, please speak to a representative from your year group.


Student Council Representatives 2016 / 2017

Year 11

• Mercedes Cook-Hannah (11AHE)
• Sam Hoff (11MEL)
• Lucy Rylott (11SB)
• Kayleigh Young (11PMP)
• Alex Ogilvie (11KER)
• Beth Jackson (11KER)
• Joe Clark (11KER)

Year 10

• Elizabeth Macinnes Morrison (10ALR)
• Will Farmery (10PR)
• Ashley Cleworth (10JBA)
• Daniel Welch (10SCH)

Year 9

• Ben Brady(9VLC)
• Jay Stephens (9JK)
• Robbie Rawson (9DMT)

Year 8

• Chantelle McNicholas (8CT)
• Talia Brooks (8NM)
• Maggie Johnson (8EJ)
• Esther Tinker (8SL)
• Ascemina Koutsi (8SMC)

Year 7

• Max Buttle (7MJP)
• Charlotte Bacon (7RST)
• Caitlyn Jolley (7JA)
• Phoebe Agar (7EF)
• Claire Williams (7JLH)




School Improvement Plan Sub Committee

• Sam Storey
• William Farmery
• Maggie Johnson
• Daniel Welch
• Max Buttle
• Beth Jackson
• Ben Brady
• Ascemina Koutsi
• Elizabeth Macinnes-Morrison

• Mr Williman


Charity Sub Committee

• Lucy Rylott
• Talia Brooks
• Pheobe Agar
• Daniel Welch
• Chantelle McNicholas
• Caitlyn Jolley

• Mrs Monaghan
• Mr Williman


School Planner Sub Committee

• Mercedes Cook-Hannah
• Robbie Rawson
• Esther Tinker
• Ashley Cleworth
• Kayleigh Young
• Elizabeth Macinnes-Morrison
• Charlotte Bacon

• Mr Williman