Parents' Evenings

Below is a list of parents' evenings for the 2016 - 2017 academic year, listed in chronological order.  

All parent's evenings take place on Thursdays between 5pm and 8pm unless otherwise stated.

Year 11
20th October 2016

Sixth Form
24th November 2016

Year 7
8th December 2016

Year 10
12th January 2017

Year 8
2nd February 2017

Year 9
9th March 2017

Sixth Form 
16th March 2017
5pm - 7pm 

Year 7
22nd June 2017


Other important dates

Thursday 6th October 2016
Year 5 and 6 Open Evening
5pm - 8pm

Friday 7th October 2016
School closed to all students

Thursday 1st December 2016
Year 11 IAG Evening
5pm - 8pm

Thursday 13th July 2017
Year 6 Induction - Day 1

Thursday 13th July 2017
Year 6 Parents' Evening
5pm - 8pm

Friday 14th July 2017

Year 6 Induction - Day 2 

Friday 21st July 2017

Governors' Awards Assembly

Monday 24th July 2017

Sports Day

The School Day

Period 1
08:45 to 09.50

Period 2
09:50 to 10.50

10:50 to 11:10

Period 3
11:10 to 12:10

Tutor Time or

12:10 to 12:30

12:30 to 13:20

Period 4
13:20 to 14:20

Period 5
14:20 to 15:20

Parent Calendar

These termly calendars provide parents / carers with an overview of important events, meetings and deadlines throughout the academic year.

Autumn 2016
Spring 2017
Summer 2017


Headteacher's Clinics

Mr Williman will be available between 3:30pm and 5:00pm on the following dates for a Headteacher's Clinic where you can discuss any school issues that you may have.

No appointments are necessary but these can be made if you wish by contacting
Karen Burton on 01964 613133.


Autumn Term 2016

Weds 28th September 2016

Weds 2nd November 2016

Weds 14th December 2016

Spring Term 2017

Weds 18th January 2017

Weds 8th March 2017

Weds 29th March 2017

Summer Term 2017

Weds 10th May 2017

Weds 14th June 2017

Weds 5th July 2017


2017 Term times

Spring Term
Summer Term 

Start of term
Tuesday 25th April

May Day closure
Monday 1st May

Close for half term
Friday 26th May

Monday 5th June

End of term
Monday 24th July

Autumn Term

Start of term
Tuesday 5th September

Closed to students (1 day)
Friday 6th October

Close for half term
Friday 27th October

Monday 6th November

End of term
Friday 22nd December


2018 Term times

Spring Term

Start of term
Tuesday 9th January

Close for half term
Friday 9th February

Monday 19th February

End of term
Friday 23rd March
Summer Term 

Start of term
Tuesday 10th April

May Day closure
Monday 7th May

Close for half term
Friday 25th May

Monday 4th June

End of term
Friday 20th July

Autumn Term

To be announced