This course aims to help students feel empowered to engage with Computer Science, enabling them to think imaginatively and creatively to solve problems rather than purely concentrating on the practical aspects of the subject.

The course is designed to ensure that students develop practical programming skills as well as an appreciation of how computing continues to develop.

Computing drives innovation in the sciences, engineering, business, entertainment and
education. It touches every aspect of our lives, from the cars we drive to the movies we watch and the way in which businesses and
governments communicate with us.

An understanding of Computer Science is
essential if you want to keep up with changing technology and take advantage of the
opportunities it offers in your life – whether it’s as a career, a way of problem solving or as a way of providing you with a greater
appreciation of the way things work.

What will I learn?


Year 7 

What parts make up a computer and what each one does.

The language that all computers use and how we convert it so we can understand it.

How to draw shapes and patterns using several programming languages.

What an algorithm is and how they affect our lives.

How algorithms are used in sequences and iterations.

What the internet is and how it works.

How computers see images.

Year 8

What is an operating system and what do they do.

Binary addition.

What is instruction set design and how do we apply it to simple situations.

How do we make computers look smart?

Programming and animations using recursive patterns.

Networks and connecting to the internet.