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A-Level Course Specification
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Year 11 2015 - Artists and Ideas


Art gallery

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Our aim is to develop the individual’s creative identity through the teaching of a wide range of skills and artistic influences. We strive to celebrate the artistic achievements of our students by making their work visible at school and in the wider community. 


Useful for careers in…

Art therapy, Community arts work, Fashion, Fine art, Graphic design, Illustration, Printmaking, Set design (TV, Film & Theatre), Animation, Interior design, Architecture, Industrial design, 3D design and Photography

What will I learn?

Years 9, 10 and 11

The GCSE course teaches young people how to work as artists. They learn how to synthesise their own ideas with influences from other artists. Courses may change from year to year according to the particular needs and interests of our students. A trip to The Deep, one of the world’s finest marine life centres, is a starting point for one of their major projects.

After a series of practical skill based workshops, students are given responsibility for the development of their personal ideas. This always produces spectacular and individual outcomes. The course consists of two coursework modules totalling 60% and a 10 hour controlled assessment worth 40% of the final grade. All students finish the course with a well balanced portfolio of artwork that clearly demonstrates their practical and theoretical ability.