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Ms S. Harris-Smith

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Located just 500m from the North Sea we are constantly reminded of the power of natural forces on human communities. It is an exciting context to study Geography - from local to international issues. 


Useful for careers in…

Surveying, Geology, Environmental studies, Travel and tourism, Teaching, Law, 
Advertising, Sciences, Hazard planning, Aid and recovery, Engineering, the list goes on!

Geography at Withernsea High School is built upon a thriving department with a strong profile within the school. Examination results at both GCSE and A level reflect the effective, caring and motivating environment in which students are able to thrive in the exploration of their world, leading to the achievement of highly commendable qualifications.

We believe passionately in the value of Geography and the opportunities it provides for students to learn about their world, to explore sophisticated levels of understanding of how the world works and to develop opinions, attitudes and responsible decision-making habits which they will carry into lifelong learning concerning the many environments they will experience during their lifetimes


What will I learn?

Living with the physical environment

Natural hazards
The challenge of natural hazards - earthquake, volcano and weather hazards, climate change.

Physical landscapes in the UK
Coastal and river processes.

The living world
Ecosystems, tropical rainforests and hot deserts.


Geographical applications

Section A: Issue evaluation
Problem solving with...

Section B: Fieldwork
Two fieldwork enquiries based outside the classroom


 Challenges in the human environment

Urban issues and challenges
Urban growth, change in UK cities and sustainability.

The changing economic world
Variations in the quality of life in different parts of the world.

Resource management
The challenge of providing food, water and energy for the growing population.


Geographical skills
Numerical, map and graph skills