Geography is the perfect subject for students who live in Holderness to study; we have so many physical and human processes operating around us. As Key Stage 3 geographers we are keen to explore these processes through classroom and fieldwork based learning.

Geography at Withernsea High School is built upon a thriving department with a strong profile within the school. Examination results at both GCSE and A Level reflect the effective, caring and motivating environment leading to the achievement of highly commendable qualifications.  

The requirements of the National Curriculum are taught through a series of geographical questions. All students will:

• Understand the processes the key physical and human geographical features of the world.

• Be competent a wide range of geographical skills and interpret a range of sources.

• Communicate geographical information in a variety of ways, including through maps, numerical and quantitative skills and writing at length. 

What will I learn?

Year 7                                                Year 8

Living in the UK.

Living with volcanoes!

Gap year tour.

I can read maps!

Fair Food. 

Our eroding coastline.

Living with earthquakes. 

The changing lives of the Inuit,

Rivers at work.

Changing populations. 

Weather and climate. 

Can we guarantee the energy security of the UK?