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Key Stage 3
Years 7 and 8

Key Stage 4
Years 9, 10 and 11

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Mrs M Pavey


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Learning a language has never been more important, with fierce competition for both university places and jobs, a foreign language can give you the edge.


Useful for careers in…

Interpreting, Teaching, Translating, Broadcast journalism, Diplomatic services, International aid /
development work, Logistics and distribution, Marketing, Sales, Tour management.

Learning a language will develop confidence and social skills.  It also allows learners to use logic and to develop valuable study skills.  Once you have learned one language you are equipped with the skills to learn another.


What will I learn?


Years 9, 10 and 11

Identity and culture
• Me, my family and friends: Relationship with family and friends.
• Technology in everyday life: Social media, Mobile technology.
• Free-time activities: Music, Cinema & TV, Food and eating out, Sport.
• Custom and festivals in French-speaking countries.

Local, national, international and global areas of interest
• Home: Town, neighbourhood and region.
• Social issues: Charity / voluntary work, Healthy / unhealthy living.
• Global issues: The environment, Poverty / homelessness.
• Travel and tourism.

Current and future study and employment
• My studies.
• Life at school / college.
• Education post-16.
• Jobs, career choices and ambitions.

Students will be assessed in 4 skills. Each is worth 25% of the final grade:

Listening:  Covers all themes. Requires answers in French & English.

Speaking:  Role play, photo card and general conversation.

Reading:    Covers all themes. Requires answers in both languages. *

Writing:      Responses from simple sentences to extended pieces. *

* including translation from French to English