Engineering and Technology may not be the easiest areas of study, but they're subjects that continue to be in demand, and because they are challenging, those studying them stand out from the crowd. 


Useful for careers in…

Aerospace, Agriculture, Biomedicine, Drafting and design, Electronics, Environmental work, Marine engineering, Mechanical engineering… the list is endless!

Good money, lots of variety, the chance to be part of a renowned group of professionals and always in demand - what's not to like about a career in engineering? Engineering is a subject where you will need to work collaboratively with others to create complex and useful systems. 

What will I learn?

Years 9, 10 and 11

Engineering in school covers a wide range of skills that allow all students to design, develop and create their own ideas.

You will:

Learn how to work with traditional engineering processes.

Experience working machinery like lathes and milling machines.

Practice heat treatment and joining methods including welding, brazing and soldering.

Select a wide range of tools and processes and master them.

Develop 2D and 3D computer skills in Solid Works.

Use the school’s 3D laser cutter to test modelled ideas before they are made.

You will complete the course with a wide knowledge of both traditional Engineering and advanced computer aided engineering skills to complement and put into practice the Maths and Science that you have learned elsewhere in school.  Most of all you will develop a deeper understanding of the world around you, how products are manufactured and what makes them work.